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Love! Minami-Ke!!! (> v <)/

Minami-Ke ([Ayako] subbed/Xvid/avi)
1st season is the best! (as many fans criticized...) I read comics but I rather like anime version. ^^
みなみけ 1 (期間限定版)みなみけ 2 (期間限定版) 
みなみけ 3 (期間限定版)みなみけ 4 (期間限定版)

Minami-Ke Okawari (English sub/Xvid/avi)
みなみけおかわり 1 (期間限定版)

I've just finished reading this series....and I LOVED it!!!
There are part 1 and 2 and each has about 250 pages long....it seems kinda big volume, but I think you don't care once you start to read the novel.
I took (maybe about) 5 hours to finish reading both parts and didn't really realize that it was already 7 in the morning! (びっくり)
I wish I could write the summary in English but my English is not that level.. :( sorry.
Anyway, I highly recommend this story and you should check them out!  ^^


美しいこと(上) (Holly NOVELS) (Holly NOVELS)美しいこと(下) (Holly NOVELS) 

I know I am suck at using computer stuff...but IRC just makes me so confused all the time...!
Everytime I tried to join a channel, I can't...I mean, Im denied...??
I don't understand why...even though I read HELP.lol
I always try to join #lurk@irc.highway.net. But when I typed this channel on IRC window, it says "Cannot join channel. (Spamming for another network is not allowed)". Huh??? What does it mean??
Well, I also tried to register by typing "msg/ NickServ register <password> <e-mail address>", but it says "Nickname Guest***** may not be registered" and then when I type the request number, it goes on like " ******* denied, you must be on a known channel to request a pack".
Okay, so I have a trouble to on a known channel to request a pack....ふむふむ。
まったくわからんのじゃ~!!!(泣) 誰か教えて・・・。(切実)

That's the reason why I always hesitate to learn a new computer skill....but at the same time, I really wish to know how to use the computer more efficient...(> <)
I admire those people who are professionals about IT!!

The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World...Ever!

By the way, this CD alubum is called "The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World ...Ever!"
I currently happened to have this album and listened to it over and over.
And I realized...."YESSS!!!! This is the most relaxing Classical album in the world...ever!!! .....I guess." (lol)
I love classical music and for those who also love classical music, you should check it out!! ^^
I'll put the link for download this album. Enjoy~. ^^

part1: http://www.mediafire.com/?9zw3hqit1ow
part2: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ezdjqmjpjz
part3: http://www.mediafire.com/?ewyxahtp9iz

My Recommended Novel and Anime BACCANO!

This is VERY interesting anime which is based on novels. I highly recommend this anime and novels! Enjoy~. ^^
(Links are all MU or MF only. It is impossible for me to re-upload or use other file upload manager, sorry~.)

Looking for...Drama CD!!
バッカーノ!ドラマCD フィーロ・プロシェンツォ、ピエトロ・ゴンザレスの五十三回目の死を目撃す 
I've been looking for this drama CD for a long time...!!! dareka share shitekurenaikana~. (><;)

バッカーノ!ドラマCD フィーロ・プロシェンツォ、ピエトロ・ゴンザレスの五十三回目の死を目撃す

Recently I read "When A Man Loves A Man" series written by Youka Nitta and also listened to drama CDs. 
Hmmm...I think I loved them! ^^ (笑) They're very interesting. However, one thing I didn't like was that drama CD's casting. That was...that was Nakata Jouji as Iwaki Kouichi! (Noooooo~!!)
Actually I love Nakata Jouji, but his voice is too old for Iwaki's voice! (泣) Too bad...and also Iwanaga Tetsuya as Takaaki Ryou...hmmmm....my imagined voice for Takaaki was little more darker voice than Iwanaga san...Iwanaga san's voice was kinda childish for Takaaki...
Tori chan for Shinkawa...?? Well, it was okay level...but I think there must be more suitable seiyu for this drama's casts. 
Anyway, I did enjoy listening dramas, so I wanna share all manga series here. ^^ (Sorry they're all JP-raw.)
And I won't be able to re-up these files as I always delite them after I upload...

Oh, btw...I've been always wondering where to find "Haru wo Daiteita"'s japanese raw version....it seems there aren't any post around free-manga LJ and Y-share LJ...(ToT) They have only English version...(英語でも読めるけどやっぱり微妙にニュアンスが違う場合があるんだよねぇ。。。難しいね。)
I hope I can find them in JP-raw one day...or...could someone help me please~??? (ToT)/ よよよ。
Summer New Anime are just started~. I think some of them are much interesting than I expected. ^^
As previously mentioned, I would not be able to re-upload the dead links because I usually delete the file after I upload them to the hostmanager. Thank you for your understanding. ^^

ぽてまよ アニメ各話ぽてまよ キャラクター

Yakihama's Spring Anime Recommendation♪^^

As you all know, bunch of anime has came out in this Spring (about 53anime). Of course I don't watch all of them, but I can tell you which anime I like and I hope this recommendation would help you to start watching fine spring anime~. ^^ (Its great if  you already like them!)
In addition, there are bunch of raw anime links in my previous post, so for those who are interested in watching the following anime, you can download as much as you want~. ^^

And....I can't wait to watch "THE SKULL MAN"!! スカルマン~。4月28日が楽しみだぁ~。



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